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Vichy SoleilNEW: Ideal Soleil 60 From Vichy!

Looking for a way to keep your skin looking great this summer?   Get the ideal sun with Vichy Soleil sunscreen.  This sunscreen combines both UVA and UVB filters with antioxidants, and a water resistant, non-sticky, non-greasy finish.  Did we mention it’s highly rated?  Because it’s really highly rated.  It’s sitting at 5 stars on the Vichy site, 4.5 on amazon, and a solid 5/5 in our experience.  If you’re interested in checking it out and sharing your own review, the first step is clicking the image above.  We’ve linked to the best price on amazon and one with plenty of reviews for you to check out first!  

There’s a lot to like about Vichy Soleil.  First off, it works great as a full-coverage sunscreen.  2nd, it blocks both UVA and UVB damage.  Third, it’s fragrance free!  This last one is a huge one for those of us who like to keep a low, or focused scent profile, or even for those of us with a low tolerance for the stuff.  (Plus, a lot of fragrances are alcohol based, making for dried out skin).  Vichy is a great company, and one we’ve talked about in plenty of other reviews, so it’s no surprise that we like this sunscreen so much.  Click the link below to see why so many other people trust Vichy for their sunscreen needs!

How Does Vichy Soleil Work?

We’ve all used sunscreens before.  But if I asked a random person on the street to explain to me what SPF meant, and which one they should be using in certain situations, they probably wouldn’t know as much as they thought they did!  That can be especially problematic for people looking to protect their skin reliably.  Here’s the rule of thumb.  When the SPF says 60, it means that it will protect your skin from sunburn for approximately 60x as long as if you weren’t wearing any at all.  While you won’t be needing this heavy of spf for many applications, Vichy Soleil is definitely one to keep on hand.  It offers solid protection in a fast absorbing, lightweight cream.

Vichy Soleil Reviews

Vichy Soleil Reviews

Vichy Soleil has been really well received both critically, and on the consumer side.  We’ve seen it covered, even featured in some well known publications, and we’ve definitely seen it used and talked about in our professional circles.  In the reviews, most people point to the oil-free, non-greasy, fast absorbing qualities as big pluses, but we’ve also seen a  few people point at the water resistance as a big perk.  Either way, you won’t be seeing many negative reviews for Vichy Soleil.

Vichy Soleil Benefits:

  • Fast Absorbing Cream
  • Great Sun Blocking Power
  • Non Greasy, Non-Oily
  • Antioxidant Rich Formula
  • Great Company In Skin Care

Shop The Vichy Soleil Amazon Store!

If you’re ready to start finding the best deal on Vichy Soleil, click the banner at the bottom of your screen.  We’ve linked to the best price on Vichy Soleil 60, but there are other strengths, sizes, and even a few competitors products for you to check out.  Also, remember to check out some reviews while you’re at it.  You might learn something to help you in your decision!  Thanks for reading, make sure to check back soon here at Eye Serum Review for future reviews, offers, and promotions!

Vichy Soleil Amazon

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