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vita essence eye lift creamNew | VitaEssence Eye Lift Cream!

Today we get to look at a new product from the folks over at Vita Essence.  Their goal of increasing the vibrancy of your skin now turns to the always troublesome under-eye area.  So, are they successful?  Early indications say…yes!  While we’re not going to say wildly successful, we will say that user reviews are sure making it seem that way.  Whether or not those reviews are founded in fact is something we’ll talk about along the way.  In our review, we’ll cover how Vita Essence Cream is working, which ingredients they’re using, and where you can get a trial bottle to test it out for yourself!

Vita Essence has a pretty strong reputation for success in the skincare community.  Their recent release of the Vita Essence Serum has gone very, very well.  And, if you’re to believe their sales numbers, it’s one of the top, non-brand name products in the niche right now.  Vita Essence Eye Lift Cream promises to be just as successful.  With a lineup of ingredients that rival top luxury skincare brands, and a great feeling and non-oily product, this product is a treat to use.  Did we mention it gets results?  Because it gets some truly great anti-aging results.  You can see some of those results for yourself by clicking the button below!

How Does Vita Essence Cream Work?

Vita Essence Cream works a lot like a heavy duty moisturizing cream, but with a few caveats.  First, it’s gentle enough for use around the eyes.  Second, it uses ingredients that work to lift and soothe under eye bags.  Third, it’s not overly oily.  That means it’s able to get the kind of results we look for in an eye serum or cream, without the drawbacks you’ll traditionally see there.  The ingredient info for Vita Essence is pretty slim, at the moment, but we are able to talk about a few ingredients they’re using.  First off, they’re using peptides.  This skincare favorite is known for it’s ability to achieve results, especially in regard to problem skin conditions like TEWL.  In addition, a set of nice, botanical extracts work to soothe the skin, while providing a valuable set of antioxidants.

Vita Essence Eye Lift Cream Benefits:

  • Great For Under Eye Bags
  • Works Great On Dark Circles
  • Lift, Hydrate, Revitalize
  • Gentle, Effective Formula
  • Works Great With Existing Skincare Routines

Vita Essence Eye Lift Cream Reviews

Like we said above, Vita Essence Eye Lift Cream is pretty new.  But that hasn’t stopped a few early access reviewers from weighing in on the cream.  Those reviews point to nice set of benefits, especially for the undereye area.  People noticed a dramatic improvement in under eye issues, and even with crows feet.  People who used the cream on the other areas of their face also noticed benefits with wrinkles, fine lines, and roughness.  

Vita Essence Cream Trial Information

VitaEssence Eye Lift Cream isn’t the first, nor will it be the last company to run their product through a trial program.  It happens for a variety of reasons.  A company might not have enough product.  They might not have too much demand.  They might just want to prevent people from stockpiling and reselling.   In this case, it’s a combination of lack of product and high demand.  Whatever the reason, the trial is pretty great.  It gives people a free bottle of the cream to try out.  You can try out the cream for yourself by clicking the banner at the bottom of the screen!  Before you go, be sure to check out Vita Essence Serum.  When you use Vita Essence Cream and Vita Essence Serum, you can get some really life-changing anti-aging results.  Click the links to try them both out today!

Try VitaEssence Cream HERE!

Try VitaEssence Serum HERE!

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