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vividermix-moisturizerNew | Stemcell Activ Moisturizer

Today we’re looking at an exciting new moisturizer from VividermiX, the VividermiX Stemcell Active Moisturizer.  We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz around the skincare community for this one for awhile, so we’re pretty excited to share our initial thoughts on the product.  Using a peptide-rich formula with a heavy focus on skin rejuvenation, the Stemcell Activ Moisturizer works to improve skin appearance from the bottom up.  In our review, we’ll tackle everything we know about the moisturizer, how it works, what it’s using, and even look at a few user reviews.  After that we’ll talk about the trial, its requirements and where you need to go to get access!

VividermiX Moisturizer has been a great change for us.  We typically only look at anti-aging creams and serums.  But the heart of skin appearance, at least what we can change physically is all about moisturizing.  Our skin, as we age, holds less and less moisture as the skin structure breaks down.  It’s a big reason why daily moisturizers are so effective.  But your typical moisturizer doesn’t address the main reason for this decline, the epidermal barrier function.  By using peptides, VividermiX addresses this need, revitalizing barrier function and collagen production.  Interested in seeing what it can do for your skin? Click the button below to get your trial bottle!

How Does VividermiX Work?

While we started talking about how VividermiX is working, there is a lot more to talk about.  The heart of the problem lies in a detrimental process called transepidermal water loss. This loss of moisture across the epidermal barrier eventually decreases the size of the skin structure, which makes the outer skin sag in certain spots.  That sagging appears as wrinkles, fine lines, and rough exterior skin.  One way to address that problem, and a way that VividermiX excels at, is by using peptides to reinforce that barrier.  Combining that with moisturizing ingredients to essentially refill the structure, and you have better looking surface skin.  But it does one better by providing collagen to help spur collagen production, and shore up the structure for better long term moisture retention.

VividermX Benefits: 

  • Moisturize and Revitalize
  • Helps Prevent TEWL
  • Improve Your Skin Appearance
  • Great For Daily Use
  • Works Well With All Skin Types

VividermX Reviews

All of this technical information on how the products is just hot air, unless it works.  So, what are people saying?  Does it work?  Judging by the responses and reviews we’ve seen, yes.  Keep in mind these aren’t studies, just user experiences.  But they are a valuable way to get a general feel for a product.  Users seem to be pretty excited about the moisturizer, as it does work both short term as a daily moisturizer, and long term as an anti-aging cream.  

VividermX Trial Program

Interested in trying out Vividerm X?  for a limited time, you can try the moisturizer via the VividermX Trial Program.  We’ve heard a lot about it, mostly good.  Here’s the gist of it.  You’ll sign up, then the company ships you a bottle to try.  You have a short trial period to try the product.  If you cancel during that period, you’re good to go.  But if you don’t cancel, they ship you a bottle monthly until you do cancel.  Keep in mind that should you cancel, you can’t sign up again.  Ready to try it out?  Click the banner below to see if you qualify!

vividermix trial

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