Winter Skin Care Tips

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img21Winter Skin Safety

Keeping your skin healthy and moist in the winter can be a huge ordeal.  When you step outside in the morning, sometimes it feels like the cold is literally sucking the moisture out of your skin.  The reality is, it’s not far from the truth.  When you’re outdoors in the winter, your skin can get just as much or more damage from UV radiation, and way more damage from exposure to the elements.  So how do you guard against this bombardment against your skin?  Today we’ll cover some crucial tips to keep you looking your best and to keep your skin safe with our                                                 Winter Skin Care Tips!

Winter Skin Care Tips Pt. 1

The first step in understanding how to protect your skin during the winter, is to understand what is happening to your skin during cold weather.  If we go straight into our Winter Skin Care Tips then the only thing you’re really learning is how to manage the damage.  The biggest culprit in winter is the the increase in UV radiation.  It seems counter-intuitive, but the reality is when you’re out skiing or snowboarding, the increased height and not wearing sunscreen can cause some serious damage to your face.  The second cause of damage is the increase in cold weather exposure.  Cold air literally sucks the moisture out of your skin and into the less humid cold air.  That’s why your face, lips, and hands feel and appear more dry during the winter.

Skin Care Tip
Always pack sunscreen on ski trips!

Winter Skin Care Tips Pt. 2

  1. We already said this one, but it bears repeating, USE SUNSCREEN!  If anything it’s even more critical to use sunscreen during the winter!  Sun damage can really sneak up on you during the winter because sunscreen is so associated with summer that it’s easy to forget!  There are tons of different travel sized sunscreens on the market, make a habit of stuffing some in your winter coat, for that much need winter coat!
  2. We all love showering, especially on cold days.  The temporary escape from the cold house, turning your bathroom into a miniature sauna, we get it.  But all to commonly,  when you shower you wash away the protective oils on your face, the ones that guard against moisture loss.  We then put on our makeup and forget that our face is left unguarded.  The result is facial skin that loses its moisture quickly, and is more prone to serious damage.  That damage can be eased by applying heavy duty moisturizer right after showering.  It’s also a good idea to keep some facial moisturizer at the office, or in your coat pocket if you plan on being outside for any length of time.
  3. On really cold days, and up north we have quite a few, then you need to be aware of extremely cold temperatures.  When it dips way below zero, like it often does, then the best moisturizers on the planet won’t save your skin.  When those kind of temperatures hit, you need to cover up your skin as much as possible.  That means covering up your forehead, face, and even eyes when it gets really cold.  I’ve even gone so far as to wear snow goggles during the worst weather.  These Winter Skin Care Tips will help you to fight back against the cold.

Skin Protection Summary:

  • Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen
  • Heavy Duty Moisturizer
  • Cover Up Darling!
  • Shorter Showers!
  • Did we say sunscreen?